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7 Social Media Tools Musicians Should Use


There’s a lot of potential fans waiting for you. We’ve put together 7 essential social media tools which will help you to reach a large audience.

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Make Money With Your Beats and Instrumentals

roqbeats is a brand new market place. The main goal is to help you to sell their music. Three types of Licenses can be purchased. If you need a beat or instrumental for a Demo, Commercial or an Exclusive Major Release. It’s all there and instantly downlodable. Watch the introduction video.

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5 Ways To Listen And Share Your Music


Social Networks have dominated the past years. What if you could listen to a song a friend of you likes at work, at home and simply everywhere. We have put together 5 websites that allow you to listen and share music with others.

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How To Start Your Own Record Label


If you ever thought of starting your own profitable record label. Then this is an intersting thing to look into. An entertainment lawyer has created a guide on how to start your own record label and shows you how to create a record label in 3o days.

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How to Market your Music

How To Market Your Music

This is a great resource for any musician or artist who want to learn the knowledge of how to market your music online. Wheter you want to learn how to build a fanbase. To capture fans online requires you to think like a marketer and create as many different routes for potential fans to find you from.

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Why does Rihanna release so many Songs?


I’m hearing so many Rihanna songs on the radio. Does she has a clone working for her or is she really putting out that many songs nowadays?

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Get noticed from Major Labels as Music Producer


Getting your music heard

Okay, buddie. You landed here because you want to get noticed from Major Labels as an independant music producer. Well, it’s easy – tee-hee! It’s not!  There are several things you can do. Some things work, some don’t. But as everywhere on this planet there is no specific one-and-only path to follow. All the beat makers and music producer that really want to make it want to get their foot into the major music business and somehow already fail in their basic tacticts.

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