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Spotify Research About Music At Work Released

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A research about listening music at work.¬† The released spotify research reveals that two of three people (61%) listen to music in the workplace. They furthermore found that listening to music at work results in happier emloyees and boosts creativity. Spotify is not only a great tool when it comes to music listening but they also do track and analyze the frequent listeners habits. Spotify can not only analzye the most powerful songs but also what people listen to at what time of the day. If this sound irritating to you then do not only think about data that you’re giving away but also that you can find some great new music through this data collection process. The Spotify research was released at the blog of

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Writing Billboard Number 1 Hits

Billboard Number 1 Hits Book

This is truly special! So don’t miss out here. Calling all composers, producers, musicians and artists. As many know I’ve studied music theory since I was the tender age of 6 years old. During all the years I’ve heard countless records since I’m active in music, ¬†years and years ago as amateur all the way to the professional level of today.

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Maroon 5 In The Studio


With their latest hit ‘Payphone’ the have bursted into the charts. We stumbled across this video of Maroon 5 fooling around in the studio and don’t want to keep back this funny laugh from you.

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Chris Brown’s New Album ‘Fortune’


After the successful F.A.M.E. album the R&B singer returns with his new album ‘Fortune’. His latest works include EDM tracks such as ‘Turn up the Music’ featuring Rihanna and ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’.

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R. Kelly, Tyrese & Leon Timbo Acoustic Jam Session


R.Kelly stopped by the Transformers 3 set in Chicago for a late night jam session with Leon Timbo and Tyrese Gibson. Caution: This video is funny!

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Brandy releases Two Eleven Album in August


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard new music from Brandy. The R&B singer announced the release of her new album in August 2012 on her twitter account.

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Swedish House Mafia In The Studio


It’s always great to see artists and producers in the studio doing their thing. Here’s an interesting video about the Swedish House Mafia.

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Dissecting Creativity with Pharrell Williams Part 1


A nice and informative Interview with Pharell Williams about his life and about being creative and art.

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3 Awesome Recording Studios You Must Have Seen


Have a look at three amazing looking recording studios. We don’t say these are the best, but they’re beautifully designed and deserve their place in this list.

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Rihanna Wins Billboard Music Award


Rihanna didn’t attend the Billboard Music Awards but wins an award for ‘Top Streaming Artist’ 2012.

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