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10 Great Audio Tutorial Sites


We’ve put together this list with 23 great audio tutorial sites on the web to help you learn faster and better. It’s all about staying at the top of your game to produce the best songs possible.

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Inserts, Sends and Processed Effects

inserts and sends

In this tutorial video Steinberg shows you everything about inserts, sends and processed effects in Cubase.

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#1 Rule in Music Production


Just stumbled upon this Youtube Video which answers the question what the #1 Rule of Music Production is. Well, when you hear this one question a million answers come to your mind. Find out more about the #1 Rule of Music Production and decide for yourself if this is true to you.

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Logic Pro: Pitch Shift


This Tutorial by Logic Pro Tutorials explains how to use the pitch shift feature in Logic PRO.
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How To Use The Fruity Scratcher


Quick description about the setup and how to scratch using the amazing Fruity Scratcher in Fl Studio.

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Writing Billboard Number 1 Hits

Billboard Number 1 Hits Book

This is truly special! So don’t miss out here. Calling all composers, producers, musicians and artists. As many know I’ve studied music theory since I was the tender age of 6 years old. During all the years I’ve heard countless records since I’m active in music, ¬†years and years ago as amateur all the way to the professional level of today.

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How To Create Supersonic Sidekicks In Cubase 6.5


How about some supersonic sidekicks to spice up your tracks? This tutorial shows you how to easily create sidekick effects and automate them in no time.

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Axiom 25 New Awesome Midi Controller


This little new controller is perfect if you have a home recording setup. Small, clean, effective and mobile. M-Audio has released the Axiom 25 which is all you need next to your laptop.

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‘Nightshine’ – A Free VST Plugin


NightShine is a Freeware Windows VST effect unit Modeled on Alesis 3630 Peak Compressor.

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All In One 6 – Modern Swag (Bundle)


This bundle is a steal and over 60% reduced. Check out what’s included in this bundle.

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