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10 Great Audio Tutorial Sites


We’ve put together this list with 23 great audio tutorial sites on the web to help you learn faster and better. It’s all about staying at the top of your game to produce the best songs possible.

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How To Get A Fatter and Present Bass Sound


If you ever wondered what you could do to get a fatter bass sound in your mix, then this is for you. You probably tried to boost your pass and push it real hard. Read on and learn a great and effective little trick.

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5 Tips on EQing Vocals


To equalise vocals is not always that easy. We put together five tips for you to help you through the process of eqing vocals.

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Present Low End | Enhancing your Kick and Bass

Maxx Bass Plugin
A lot of people think of the process as carving out EQ valleys for the kick (or bass) to sit in. I do this to an extent. If your bass is sine wavey and your kick is an 808, you have problems. In that case I would use MaxxBass to add higher harmonics to the bass. If the kick is lower sounding that the bass, you can add a sample with some mid or top punch so your ear can find the kick. If the kick is higher than the bass, you can try adding