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10 Great Audio Tutorial Sites


We’ve put together this list with 23 great audio tutorial sites on the web to help you learn faster and better. It’s all about staying at the top of your game to produce the best songs possible.

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Inserts, Sends and Processed Effects

inserts and sends

In this tutorial video Steinberg shows you everything about inserts, sends and processed effects in Cubase.

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Logic Pro: Pitch Shift


This Tutorial by Logic Pro Tutorials explains how to use the pitch shift feature in Logic PRO.
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How To Use The Fruity Scratcher


Quick description about the setup and how to scratch using the amazing Fruity Scratcher in Fl Studio.

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How To Create Supersonic Sidekicks In Cubase 6.5


How about some supersonic sidekicks to spice up your tracks? This tutorial shows you how to easily create sidekick effects and automate them in no time.

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How To Use The Vari-Fi plugin in Pro Tools 10


You probably heard them today! Right, I am talking about the turntable slow down effects and pitch effects which are still very trendy in nowadays pop music. Pro Tools Vari-Fi plugin handles these effects as one of the best in the ballpark.

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Audio File Management in Cubase 6.5


This tutorial is essential if you really want to work professionally with Cubase 6.5 instead of messing around, searching files and have hundreds of Track01.wav files on your system.

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How To Comp in Cubase 6.5


Cubase 6.5 has some tremendous new features. Let’s have a closer look at the new Comp System which allows you to easily select the best takes of different tracks.

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FL Studio | How To Create Awesome Rising Effects


Learn how to create great rising effects and enhance your productions with some simple tricks.

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Cubase | Turntable Stop Effect


Ever wondered how to achieve the very popular Slow Down / Turntable Stop Effect in Cubase? This little trick shows you a short cut to get a nice little slow down effect.

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