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Writing Billboard Number 1 Hits

Billboard Number 1 Hits Book

This is truly special! So don’t miss out here. Calling all composers, producers, musicians and artists. As many know I’ve studied music theory since I was the tender age of 6 years old. During all the years I’ve heard countless records since I’m active in music, ¬†years and years ago as amateur all the way to the professional level of today.

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How To Successfully Write Hit Songs 1


Every songwriters dream is to write the next stunning hit song. However, there are tons of weak tracks out there with clumsy and trite lyrics, marketed the fullest. That’s where you’re standing in line to pay at the cash desk and ask yourself: How the hell, can this cheesy song be on the Billboard Charts? Well, we all know that there are some tracks that are simply media-hyped by a big major label behind. But let’s forget about these kind of tracks and talk about real outstanding and well crafted hit songs.

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Finish What You Have Started


Do you have dozens of half-finished projects laying around? And on the same time you’re sick and all you want is to finish each project but instead you start a new one? This article is about to show you some tactics against this troublesome habit.

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Make Money With Your Beats and Instrumentals

roqbeats is a brand new market place. The main goal is to help you to sell their music. Three types of Licenses can be purchased. If you need a beat or instrumental for a Demo, Commercial or an Exclusive Major Release. It’s all there and instantly downlodable. Watch the introduction video.

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6 Tips On How To Cure A Writers Block


Are you having a hard time to write lyrics? Sometimes you really try hard to write great music but you just can’t come up with the lyrics you would like to. Well, here are some great tips on how to cure your writers block.

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Behind the Beat featuring international drummer Randy Cooke


Behind the Beat introduces others like me, to the styles and flow of all those amazingly talented people who decide what you hear day in and day out and how they do it. To kick off my first interview, I chose the musical styles and talent of international drummer Randy Cooke.

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Upcoming Songwriter Pia Dean

Pia Dean

Pia is a new indie songwriter, whose debut single ‘Maybe’ feat. Caroline Langford on vocals was released October 3rd & is available on iTunes. Pia’s musical influences cross various genres and include Amy Winehouse, James Morrison, U2, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, KOL….

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