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99Sounds are back with Project Pegasus, a free sample pack which contains 122 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format. The included samples are sorted into three different folders.

The free sample pack includes:

  • 19 arpeggios
  • 50 atmospheres
  • 53 instruments

The samples are perfectly looped and you can easily load them in any WAV compatible sampler instrument. Each sound from the pack comes with a corresponding instrument patch for Kontakt 5.

The sounds in the instruments folder include pads, keys, bass samples and leads and are suitable for polyphonic playing. The sounds in the atmospheres folder are mostly suitable for monophonic playing. The arpeggios will sync to your host application’s tempo automatically. The root note for the arpeggios is C2 and the sound quality will deteriorate significantly as you move further away from the root pitch.

The included Kontakt 5 patches are based on a custom script which was kindly provided by Tudor Nastase aka Evoke. The pack contains 122 individual Kontakt 5 patches in total. The disk space required in order to use the library is 294 MB.



These samples are the property of Bryan Lake and they are hosted on 99Sounds with permission of the author. You are hereby granted a licence to use the samples for both non-commercial and commercial purposes, provided that the samples are not used as part of a sample library. You are agreeing to these terms of use by downloading the sample pack.


You can download this free sample pack on their website by clicking  here.



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