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Boban Apostolov was born in 1984 in the Republic of Macedonia. At the young age of six he began to play violin in the music school Ilija Nikolovski – Luj. He later continued his studies at the Music High school and the Music Academy in Skopje and at the Berklee College of Music in Boston in music production.

Currently he works as production manager and as a sound engineer with the F.A.M.E’S project a recording studio which is specialized in recording and producing orchestral music for film, television, games and for publishing companies.

Since over ten years he composes, arranges, records, mixes and produces in his own recording studio for artists such as Nina Janeva, Gorgi Krstevski, Sanja Lefkova and Dimitar Andonovski. Names of popular national artists which we probably can’t connect too. However, when listening to his productions it gets clear that Apostolov knows his craft.

His songs participated in many national pop music festivals such as MakFest and the Skopje Fest.  Apostolov got awards from several radio stations and festivals in southern european countries.

Some of the project’s he was involved in recording orchestral music for movies are: Camus, Keryti, Zwart Water, Omaggio a Roma which was casting Monica Bellucci, Ana Winter, Hostel 3, 2033 and many other films.

Recording music for TF1, EMI music, Universal, Canal+, National Geographic is not why we list him as the producer of the month but because of the art to mix classic orchestral instruments with modern urban sounds on a high level.

Apostolov is also a very talented sound designer and crafts his own sample libraries which you can check out on

The 5 ‘roqing’ Questions with Boban

1. When and why did you enter a recording studio for the first time?

The first time I entered a studio was at the age of 16. I was recording Violin and because I played Violin myself for an artist I immediately liked how things were happening in the studio. Recording, listening, re-recording… the whole process of  creative thinking and musically expressions behind the mic and behind the console. That’s what I like.

 2. How did you get your first paid job working as a producer with an artist?

I remember, it was shortly after I started to show interest in producing/composing. It was a song I did for a local Pop/RnB singer in Macedonia. Soon after that song I got the opportunity to work on other tracks from her album. My client list started to grow step by step. It was a really nice experience.

3. What are your top four plugins and for what (one reverb, one compressor, one eq, one FX)? 

There are plenty of plugins that I use, I would say my top 4 would be:

Altiverb by Audio Ease – It gives a really nice space and a great reverb for almost anything. I like it because it’s natural versus some other plastic sounding reverbs. I use it almost for everything (vocals, Snare, Strings, Guitars…) everywhere !

Mpressor by Elisya – Great compressor with a nice character. I like the gain reduction limiter with you can keep the control because it is isolated from the threshold and ratio settings. I’m using it for the sum or on single track instruments and I really like the results !

Cambridge  EQ by Universal Audio – I like his great precision and his smooth sound. You can use this almost on everything in the mix.

PSP 84 FX delay by Audiowere – Really cool plugin, maybe a little dirty, but it gives some special delay – FX on the instruments and fits as well on vocals.

4.  What are your top three tips to get a good mix?

1. Make the recording as good as possible.

2. Trust and know your monitors.

3. Forget the session and come back after two weeks and mix it with fresh ears!!!

5. With which artist would you like to produce a song?

I would be pleased to produce something for Beyonce, Sarah Brightman, Justin Timberlake  or Jessie J.

….I hope this can happened in near future :)

Thanks for the great interview!


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