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We are always looking for writers who can write interesting posts. Please contact us with the contact form below if you would like us to consider you. Give us some details about yourself, your blog or website and advantageously a link to an already writtern article.

Exposure For You

In return for your article you will get full credit and we will set up an author page with a short bio of you. This short bio will be displayed just under your posts and will be seen by almost every reader who red the post. You can even set one link to your own page. As the post will be available for a long time this means you will have exposure to thousands and even hundred thousands of people.

Full Time or Freelance Writer

We do accept Full Time and Freelance writers which contribute one post a week. This means you will get even more exposure as the viewers of your posts multiply by the posts you write. This simply means: The more you interesting posts you write, the more exposure you will get.


As everywhere there are certain rules to follow to keep up a great community magazine.

  • The post should not be a reproduction of an existing article (and neither should contain parts).
  • You need to use one meaningful large image which should not exceed the width of 500 pixel. The picture has to be at least 500 pixels width to make a great feature images. You can find a feature image on top of every post/article.
  • It is allowed to link your own website when this is absolutely necessary for examples etc.  However, you should not writer posts/articles that has the goal to justify a link to your website. It’s better to write a great post and get many views where your short bio with a link is displayed.
  • No affiliate codes or refferal links are allowed to be included in posts.

Okay, let’s write! How do I get started?

You can start with in two simple steps.

  1. Sign up  for a community membership. Sign up here
  2. Contact us with the form below and send us a short description about you, your website/blog and if available a link to an existing post/article of you.

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