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A research about listening music at work.  The released spotify research reveals that two of three people (61%) listen to music in the workplace. They furthermore found that listening to music at work results in happier emloyees and boosts creativity. Spotify is not only a great tool when it comes to music listening but they also do track and analyze the frequent listeners habits. Spotify can not only analzye the most powerful songs but also what people listen to at what time of the day. If this sound irritating to you then do not only think about data that you’re giving away but also that you can find some great new music through this data collection process. The Spotify research was released at the blog of

This is what the Spotify Research says:

Over a third (36%) of workers find that music helps to get them through the day
20% of workers find that listening to music is a welcome distraction from their “boring” jobs.
16% admitted that they listen to music to drown out colleagues.
One in ten (10%) revealed that they have judged a colleague based on their choice of music.

Most tracks that are listened to at work are pop music followed by songs from the rock genre.

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