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Out of the Shower, Into the Spotlight


No one denies the difficulty of building a career as a vocalist. To “make it,” you must have more than a little talent, even more determination, and a whole lot of training. However, with the right guidance and a whole lot of practice, you can advance from singing in the shower and doing harmonies with the radio to singing professionally, sharing the stage with your idols and commanding the spotlight all by yourself.

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How To Create Supersonic Sidekicks In Cubase 6.5


How about some supersonic sidekicks to spice up your tracks? This tutorial shows you how to easily create sidekick effects and automate them in no time.

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Axiom 25 New Awesome Midi Controller


This little new controller is perfect if you have a home recording setup. Small, clean, effective and mobile. M-Audio has released the Axiom 25 which is all you need next to your laptop.

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Audio File Management in Cubase 6.5


This tutorial is essential if you really want to work professionally with Cubase 6.5 instead of messing around, searching files and have hundreds of Track01.wav files on your system.

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Katy Perry & Friends sings ‘Call Me Baby’


Looks like Katy had a little spare time. Take a look when Katy and her friends sing ‘Call Me Baby’ from Carly Rae Jepsen. Drinks, iPhones and a lip-syncing Katy Perry are all over this video.

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11 Free VST Effect Plugins


We put together a list of 10 VST Effect Plugins for your Digital Audio Workstation. Free Compressors, Limiters, Reverbs, Saturation Plugins and more.

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How To Backup Your Data in 3 Steps


It’s a nightmare and the worst case scenario when you finished plenty of work and your hard disk is gone! There might be options to get back data of a broken hard disk but it’s sure very expensive and not always doable. Prepare yourself a plan to back up your projects regularly. We show you some tools and how it’s done.

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In The Studio With Avicii


The swedish DJ and record producer Avicii – born Tom Bergling -  who is famous for his hits like ‘Levels’ and ‘Rapture’ hangs out in the studio with Future Music and shows how he put together his tracks. Avicii uses Sylenth and Fruity Loops.  Check out the Video here:

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Brandy releases Two Eleven Album in August


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard new music from Brandy. The R&B singer announced the release of her new album in August 2012 on her twitter account.

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How To Record Acoustic Guitar


Are you one of those who just plug in your Acoustic Guitar and record it the easiest way because you never really knew how to record acoustic guitar properly by yourself? We show you how to record acoustic guitar as a beginner.

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