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8 Ways to sing better now

We re-posted this great article from Ken Taylor a Vocal Coach in Memphis. He’s giving you some great tips to sing better now. From basic to some very detailed tips this singing tips should help beginners and advanced students equally.

Out of the Shower, Into the Spotlight


No one denies the difficulty of building a career as a vocalist. To “make it,” you must have more than a little talent, even more determination, and a whole lot of training. However, with the right guidance and a whole lot of practice, you can advance from singing in the shower and doing harmonies with the radio to singing professionally, sharing the stage with your idols and commanding the spotlight all by yourself.

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Finish What You Have Started


Do you have dozens of half-finished projects laying around? And on the same time you’re sick and all you want is to finish each project but instead you start a new one? This article is about to show you some tactics against this troublesome habit.

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