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the folsom prison gang

Johnny Cash was more than just a sound, he was The Man in Black. These days the cool 50s and vintage style is just about everywhere. This Johnny Cash tribute band rocks your socks off and is far more than just the cool retro looks, vintage tube guitars and amps. Consisting of five brilliant and talented musicians The Folsom Prison Gang is sure one of the best Johnny Cash tribute bands of today!

The Sound

A modern interpretation of a classic sound. Listening to their music it get’s clear that these five guys know definitely what they do. The North Carolina based Folsom Prison Gang was formed in 2007 by Ryan the head of the band and strives to honor the legacy of Johnny Cash. Unlike others they are not trying to impersonate him. Soundwise the band is heavily influenced by the Rockabilly sounds of mid-1950s which also were present early in Johnny Cash’s music career. Since then they have been performing at live shows, festivals and other venues. They are known for non-stop music and an entertaining show nationwide. It cuts a dash that the their sound is just great! Sonically, their 2011 released album titled ‘Cash Only’ which is a juicy wordplay has been recorded beautfully and truly captures the Johnny Cash sound.

The Band

Eric (Vocals), the lead singer of the band, is well-known for his deep baritone voice . When listening to the vocals it strikes that his voice fits the vintage sounds of the band perfectly and it all blends together to that great Johnny Cash sound.

Charlie (Guitar, Keyboard, Background Vocals) performs in several bands and is a very talented musician as he is playing not only guitar and keys but also singing background vocals.

Ryan (Guitar, Background Vocals) Ryan initally founded the band in 2007 and is managing the band. Basically he is the man that keeps it all together.

Erik (Drums) is originally from Los Angeles and has been a session drummer at Foothills Studios in Greenhill, NC and  playing with artists such as Chuck Magione and Dizzy Gillespie.

Roger (Bass) is bringing in some deep bass notes. He has played in many bands but keeps coming back to that old Rock rhythm.

 Debut Album ‘Cash Only’

Ten classic JohnBuy Cash Onlyny Cash songs arranged and recorded in North Carolina sounds like he’s alive. A true band with a true sound! With titles such as ‘Hey Porter’  and the ‘Folsom prison Blues’ they make you swing your hips with their true and pure Rockabilly sound. Overall the sound is a modern interpretation of Cash’s legacy. . Make sure to check out this band!

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